Ecotherapeutic Approach

  • A humanist approach

Deeply influenced by my Anthropology (Science of Humankind) and Sociology studies, my professional practise takes into account and includes at best all the dimensions, issues and complexity of humans and Humankind. Following on from it, I was interested in Social Psychology, that’s why my approach focuses on, on one hand, the context (spatio-temporal and sociocultural) in which people evolve, and on the other hand, the relationships.
Finally, my approach is also influenced by the works led by Humanist and Positive Psychology. The first one recognises that we all have amazing potentials within us that are just waiting for us to flourish, and also the resources to find our own inner balance to live our own life wholeheartedly. Its goal is to assist this personal growth and this authority taking on our own lives. The second one, starting from the assessment that the absence of suffering does not necessarily mean happiness and well-being, looks for what makes us happy and the means to achieve it.

Atelier ecothérapie de groupe en forêt

©Julianne Skai Arbor


  • An approach that sustains Life

It’s also my encounter with Ecopsychology in 2018 that allowed me to name more precisely my professional practise and to incorporate my commitment toward Nature into it.
This relatively new field of Psychology (80′, USA) assumes that the well being of humans depends on the well being of the Earth, and that the well being of the Earth depends on the well being of humans. Because although we’ve forgotten this along the way, human beings are not separated from Nature. We are not an exception, but fully part of “Her”. Since then, the relation we keep with Nature is the reflection of the relation we have with ourselves and the others… and vice versa, and the “ecological crisis” we are going through is only the reflection of our own inner crisis. Our common goal is to find our link back to the living again, and to learn from it in order to walk our path on Earth in harmony with the Life within us and with the Life around us, and in order to take back our right place on Earth.

Ecothérapie Atelier dans Nature


  • A holistic approach

In practise, this return to our true nature results in workshops and life coaching sessions led most of the time outside, that do not only focus on the mental part and the rational intelligence. It also integrates the other dimensions: emotional, spiritual, and also as well the body one. All are important and necessary, and none is superior than the others.
It also emphasises on the relational aspect and the collective intelligence through the sharing of a common experience, and the interactions. The learning is both personal and collective.

  • Tools

Art (in its large spectrum, from dance to singing, from drawing to LandArt)
– rituals
speaking circles
walking and other physical activities
oral stories
 …& more!

  • Overview

In this perspective, this is how workshops look like:
– in the form of independent modules
usually part of a wider cycle that link them around a common theme or goal
alternate different sequences: in group, alone, with a partner…
-… and under different modes: in silence, in movement (hiking, dancing, swimming, …), around a common activity (art, ritual, speaking circle, dynamic exercise, meditation…)
take place in Nature: it’s an opportunity to spend 2h or more outdoor
the exact location varies in order to be in touch with different environments (beach, forest, cliff…), it allows to discover or rediscover a region
last 2h for the shortest, one, two days to one week for the longest: the shortest are designed to be flexible and accessible to everyone, as much logistically as financially


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Ecothérapie - LandArt

We are Nature.