About me

Curriculum Vitae

Hélène Cirujano

Ecotherapist, Ecotuner

  • Ecotuner qualified by the IES, International Ecopsychology Society, represented by the EEE, Spanish Ecopsychology School
  • Life Coaching Practitioner, qualified since 2017 by the Coach-PassionTraining
  • Licence Degree in Anthropology and Sociology
  • Training in Positive Psychology & Resilience (Penn University, USA), Social Psychology (Wesleyan University, USA), the Art of Relationships (Toronto, Canada), Success in changes (ESSEC, France)
Signatory of the Charter Supporting with Ethic” (To know more:charteethique.eu)

Origin of ZestForLifePicture

Zest For Life for la “Joie de Vivre” in French, Picture as a nod to photography (Have I already told you I also own a degree in Photography?)

Because that’s my calling: remember the joy that lies in living – in existing, and for those who have forgotten or have never found it, help them envision this joie de vivre until they become their vision so they can walk consciously with lightness on Earth.